Local family deals with life and death after accident on KY 185

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BUTLER COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- On December 18 around 12:30 p.m., the Butler County Sheriff's Department responded to a two vehicle accident on Kentucky Route 185. The aftermath of the crash produced both a tragedy and a miracle.

"If you look when you go back, you'll see all the crosses. There's several of them," said Barry Brooks, owner of Brooks Auto Salvage on KY-185.

It was a cloudy and rainy day on Monday, December 18, the afternoon of the accident.

"Most anytime it rains down here, you can count on there being a wreck on top of the hill up there, almost any time," said Brooks.

Sydney Dockery was eight months pregnant and driving north on KY 185 with her two-year-old daughter, Kenzleigh Dockery, in the back seat. A car driving southbound, swerved into her lane and hit her, according to the Butler County Sheriff.

"They saw the guy coming this way too they said he was really driving fast," said Brooks.

The crash forced Sydney into labor, and required her to have a c-section. She delivered a healthy baby girl, but four days after the crash, her other young daughter, Kenzleigh tragically lost her life.

"She was just a happy child and brought great joy to our lives," said Norma Crawford, Kenzleigh's great grandmother."She was definitely our sunshine, gift from God for 2 and a half years that has brought lots of good memories."

Kentucky Route 185 is known for its windy roads, yet car still speed around the curves.

"You wait here in a minute, you'll catch one coming down through here, you'll see what I'm talking about. I mean they'll be flying," explained Brooks. "I've even offered the state police to sit right here."

Kenzleigh's family is now learning how to deal with a tragedy, and yet a miracle -the birth of Karleigh Grace.

"We prayed for Kenzleigh to make it and survive, but that particular prayer, you might say, wasn't answered, but there is the strength that He's given us to walk through this," says Crawford.

The legacy of Kenzleigh lives on, her heart now beating in another toddler through organ donation.

"The gift of the new baby unharmed, and a gift of Sydney's survival," said Crawford talking about the light that has come through a dark situation. "And the gift to some two year old child that we don't know that will live because of Kenzleigh."

You can donate to Kenzleigh's GoFundMe campaign by clicking on the link here.

David Field, the Judge Executive in Butler County says KY 185 is a state road, and the state has had conversations about straightening that particular section out.

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