Local family mourns after bizarre collision kills loved one

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A local family is mourning after a bizarre collision on Sunday ended tragically. The victim leaves behind a husband, three children and many other loved ones.

"It's like a dream. You're so happy one day, an hour later it's over. I don't understand how it happened so quick," said Charles Eakles, Amy's father-in-law.

Sorting through pictures and cherishing memories is something no one in this house expected to do on a Tuesday afternoon.​

"That was a good day," said Anthony Eakles, reflecting on his sisters August wedding.

41-year-old, Amy Eakles was coming back from dinner when a car, going the opposite direction on I-65, struck Eakles head on.

"I got there with just enough time to see her before the ambulance pulled off," said Amy's son, Anthony. "I was able to go in and just tell her that I loved her."

Eakles later died that evening at Vanderbilt Hospital.

"My mother, she's a person that will never be replaced," said Anthony. "So you know it's just one of those things, you can't fill that gap, but with the love we've seen from the community, pulling together from our family and friends, that's really helping us right now."

Anyone who knew Amy uses words to describe her like caring, loving and selfless.

"I think she would just want to be remembered you know as the loving mom that would do anything for her kids, really anybody," said Anthony.

We all know the world needs more people like Amy Eakles, so the fact that she's been taken, just doesn't seem fair.

"Someone took my mother away, but you know you can't put blame, you don't know what may have been happening with that other driver," said Anthony.

This unforeseen tragedy isn't the only thing pressing on this close-knit family.

"My father's been having some health issues and was diagnosed with colon cancer for about a year ago. He's been fighting that," said Anthony.

For now, pictures, stories, laughter and cries echo through walls at the Eakles' household. Three weeks before Christmas, instead of making new memories, this family is reflecting on old ones.

​"Memories you can't take away. You don't have to write them down. They're right here," said Charles.

You can support the family by donating HERE.

Also, local nonprofit, Cultivate Kindness, has a '10 on 10' campaign every month. They are dedicated the 10th of this month to Amy Eakles Family. Donate $10 on December 10 on their Facebook and all proceeds go to them. They will also add $100 to every $100 raised.

A family who is usually the givers, now more deserving than ever to be the receivers.

"Both of my parents are that way, that they may have a few dollars in their pocket, but they'll give it away," said Anthony.

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