Local farmers prepare for harvest, despite a rainy year

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Local farmers have battled rainy weather this year, but say they're pleased with how crops are looking right now.

"Actually it's not a job, it's a passion to grow the fruits and vegetables and the beef for the everyday consumer," says Tom Tucker with Tucker Farms. Some stalks of corn in his fields are already reaching over 4ft. tall.

Tucker runs the farm with his father and his son. Their corn, wheat, soybeans, hay, and beef cattle are spread over nearly 2,500 acres throughout Allen, Simpson, and Warren counties.

Even with healthy-looking crops, Tucker Farms says with as much rain as we've seen lately, growing season started a little late.

Tucker told 13 News, "The rain has hindered our growing season of our corn and our soybeans. It's put too much water into our fields-- into the low spots. Our early soybeans haven't gone in the ground yet on account of there's too much moisture in the ground. It rains every other day it seems like."

Although the rain isn't ideal for corn and soybeans, it's actually helped with the upcoming wheat harvest.

"Our wheat harvest is fixing to get under way here within the next week. The rain is good for it because after it rains and the sun comes back out, it dries the seeds down where we're able to harvest it," added Tucker.

While local farmers prepare for wheat harvesting, corn and beans will continue to grow for the next few months, enduring whatever Mother Nature decides.

As far as this year's overall crops, Tucker says, "For the most part, we're doing good."

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