Local legislators weigh in on day one of 2019 General Assembly

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(WBKO) -- The 2019 legislative session began Tuesday in Frankfort. Several new representatives took office and many weighed in on the first day's agenda.

Bowling Green's new representatives, Patti Minter (D - House District 20) and Steve Sheldon (R - House District 17), were both sworn in to their seats.

13 News spoke with Minter, who enjoyed the exciting day.

"There were lots of people who came to support me from the district," she said, "and it was wonderful to see so many people from Bowling Green who were here and were so excited about what's going on in the General Assembly out here showing their support for me, so that was a really beautiful way to start the day."

Among the things on the agenda, most notably was the committee selection that will determine who won the 13th District seat that was decided by one vote.

Jim Glenn was determined the winner in November's race, but his opponent, former Representative DJ Johnson, is contesting that.

Of the nine committee members randomly selected, four are representatives of districts in South Central Kentucky:

Patti Minter (D- House District 20)
Steve Riley (R- House District 23)
Bart Rowland (R- House District 21)
Jason Petrie (R- House District 16)

13 News spoke with Minter and Riley about the committee process. Both said they plan on being completely bi-partisan for a matter like this.

"The committee will be meeting and we'll look at the evidence and proceed going forward," Minter said. "It is a situation without precedent."

"Honesty and integrity need to be part of government and I think it's important to be fair and go through a fair process, and so I don't think party [affiliation] should enter into any decisions you make on something like that.," Riley mentioned.

There is no timeline as to when that committee will reach a decision on the winner of the 13th District seat.

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