Local man victimized in Facebook scam

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO)--- Richard Holcomb, of Bowling Green, says he became the victim in an online Facebook scam, earlier this week.

He says his story story is one in which his hope got the best of his common sense.

"I was informed that Bill and Melinda Gates were giving grants for Facebook users...and apparently my name, or Facebook address came up as a winner," says Richard Holcomb

"They had so many things to it that it looked realistic. They gave me batch numbers, serial numbers, license numbers. It was very realistic," he says.

Messages to Holcomb, seemingly from a long-time friend's Facebook account, claimed she had won a large sum of money. The messages said that he had also been selected as a winner.

"They were able to get under her account and chit-chat with me and that just made it so realistic that a friend I literally grew up with, it was another hit on the hammer that this has to be for real," says Holcomb.

Scammers instructed Holcomb to send $500 for taxes. They stated that later he would receive $150,000.

"I gave them $500, the very next day they said that the IRS got in touch with them, and the needed another $1,500," says Holcomb.

"That right there should have told me," he says.

By chance, Holcomb ran into the friend, scammers were posing as, while attending a funeral.

"I went to her and she said that she had complained to Facebook about this. And that kinda told me I had messed up," he says.

"I live on disability, and that's day-to-day. I guess that little bit of hope of not having to be like that, fed (my hopeful belief that it could be true), and they knew that, that would be a fishing-line to pull me in," says Holcomb.

"I didn't see through it...I felt belittled, you know, I let myself down," he says.

Holcomb says he hopes his mistake can prevent others from being played.

"I don't want it to happen to them, let my example be the guide," says Holcomb.

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