Local non-profit talks struggles and staying afloat

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- In light of the closure of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization due to funding issues, The Historic Railpark Train Museum and L&N Depot spoke on the struggles they face and keeping their non-profit afloat.

"The Historic Train and Railroad Park Museum is a non-profit, and we operate as a tourist attraction and so we have a variety of ways that we can bring funding into our non profit, our real goal here is to tell the story of passenger train travel back in the golden age of train travel. Keeping a non-profit afloat is a combination of a lot of things, it's, the number one thing is being able to get your message out to people and helping people to understand what it is that you do and why you need their help and how they can help," says Jamie Johnson, Executive Director of The Historic Railpark Train Museum and L&N Depot.

One of the biggest struggles a non-profit faces is funding.

"We have a very small budget, a very tight budget, we're very frugal with every penny that we get in the door."

Johnson adds that in order to get funding they need to make their message to the community relate-able.

"So you can get the message out, hey we need your help and this is what we need but then you have to figure out a way to make that connection with people and why's it important to them and why should you come and help us."

"If we don't have that, if we don't have the community support then we lose what we're doing and you know this day and age we see a lot of historical places going away, it's a challenge for us to do that and so we try to tell our story any way we can." -- Jamie Johnson.

Jamie also says getting the word out is fundamental to make it all work.

"We do what has to be done to make it work. We created a "Save the Depot" campaign and it's multifaceted it's about the campaign and the marketing aspect of it and getting our message out there and telling people we need your help because if they don't know we need help, the're not going to help us. Sometimes you don't know what you're missing til it's gone."

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