Local organization supporting foster care children discusses study analyzing parental drug use

(Photo: Madison Martin)

Ky. (WBKO/CNN) -- A new national study published this week and discussed in this article says that parental drug use is to blame for greater amounts of children entering the foster care system.

2017 was the last year studied, and researchers found it was from 2012 until then that home removals due to parental drug use was most prominent.

The exact drug parents used isn't specified.

The executive director of CASA of South Central Kentucky says though opioids are oftentimes the drug mentioned in the headlines, she believes our area struggles most with methamphetamine abuse.

But no matter the substance, the point remains that CASA volunteers are looking to minimize the trauma to children affected as best they can.

"That's what I think of -- is how do we make sure that these kids are able to move forward, even if their parents have long-term incarceration -- how do we make sure that they end up healthy, happy adults that are going to be productive in our community," said Jana Sublett, executive director of CASA of South Central Kentucky.

The study was published on Monday in the medical journal, JAMA Pediatrics.

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