Local pharmacies say they're stocked up on flu medication for the season

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- Even though there's a medicine shortage for our northern counties, local pharmacies say there's not a big issue here.

A thermometer and treatments for flu symptoms, Photo Date: Sept. 19, 2017 / Courtesy: Pixabay / MGN

13 News talked with Sheldon's Pharmacy manager in Fairview, and he said they have more than enough flu medicine for anyone in need.

According to him, they prepare for this type of aggressive flu season every year.

"In the winter month, I have an inventory specialist that goes in and knows that we could possibly go through tami-flu," pharmacist Benjamin Washam said.

He also said that if they have any surplus amount of medication, they share with their pharmacies around the state and in Indiana.

Doctors are still encouraging you to get the flu shot because they say the flu season is far from over.

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