Local preacher impacted by the mass shooting in Texas

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Bowling Green preacher Kenneth Grizzel received an alarming text message this past Sunday morning. His daughter was just 7 miles away from the tragedy that took place in Texas.

13 News was able to speak with her to find out what her small community is going through right now.

"We scattered to find our kids, out of fear of what this may be," Summer Bush tells 13 News. She found out about the shooting in the middle of church service, not knowing whether or not it was an active situation.

Bush knew almost immediately this was going to heavily impact her community and her children.

"It was really terrifying as a mother," Bush said. "You know, (the children) either go to this school or the school 10 miles down the road."

This shooting has left a very small community wondering what comes next.

"Really, everybody is in shock," Bush told 13 News. "Just kind of waiting to hear who has been impacted."

Bush says this will impact almost everyone in her community, whether it's a friend or family member of a friend.

Grizzel, a preacher at Greenwood Park Church of Christ, held prayer for America event. This was planned weeks ago, but became extremely relevant after the mass shooting in Texas.

He stresses the importance of awareness; this can happen to anyone.

"You say this can happen to other people, well, this is happening to us," Grizzel tells 13 News.

Bush says to hold onto your loved ones as tight as you can.

"All we can do right now is pray, and take advantage of every moment with your loved one."​

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