Local residents celebrate National Flag Day

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Red, white and blue soared high today in honor of National Flag Day.

It commemorates the formal adoption of the stars and stripes as the American flag on June 14, 1777.

Flag Day was first celebrated in 1916 after President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation deeming June 14 as the day. At the time, Wilson urged Americans to raise the flag to "re-dedicate" themselves to the country.

Today, local residents celebrated the time-honored tradition by setting up flags in the Courtyard at Hartland neighborhood.

Neighborhood resident, Dan Cherry, coordinated the event hoping to send a message throughout the community.

"I think everybody that has seen the flags fly are very proud of the fact that we are doing it. I hope it sends a good positive message to the rest of the city," Cherry said.

The flags were set up before sunrise, and will be taken down by sunset this evening.

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