Local stores stop selling controversial Samsung phones

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A growing business, not just in Bowling Green but around the world.

"People can't be without their device,." said Jeremy Crittenden, Digital Doc GM/Store Manager

Phone repairs. It's what Digital Doc focuses on during a swamped afternoon. But there's one device that you can't pay them to fix.

Crittenden said, "I sent out a message to all the other stores today, just to not even have them in the store."

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Monday every major phone carrier halted sales and exchanges on the controversial phone, due to its recent explosive history.

"I don't want my store catching on fire. I've got customer devices back here," added Crittenden.

After only seeing a few Note 7's, Digital Doc stopped taking the phone days ago.

"I think it was just being rushed and trying to push something out yearly, it kind of hurts them," said Crittenden.

It's something the crew expects to see more often as more companies continue to innovate. Mistakes.

"It's unfortunate. I keep looking at it. It's a nice phone," said Crittenden as he looked down at the controversial Samsung phone. "Samsung, their phone was meant to destroy the iPhone. Instead, it destroyed them."

According to the guys who know the ins and outs of not only the hardware, but also the consumer, this device will be like a screensaver.

"Nobody is going to forget, especially when they spend that much money on a phone that could potentially burn down your house, your car, your airplane. People don't forget that stuff," added Crittenden.

AT&T along with a few other carriers announced that they're still accepting and encouraging people to turn in their note 7's, but to replace it with a phone of a different model.

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