Local storm shelters ready for use in 2017

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The first severe storm in 2017 left south central Kentucky locals up in arms and with no choice but to let it run its course, but unpredictable Kentucky weather like the confirmed tornado that touched down this week can meet its match with a little bit of preparation, according to Melissa Moore.

"We didn't really dodge a bullet, but it could've been a lot worse. When there is a tornado watch, or even a severe thunderstorm watch in effect in our area, you guys need to make sure that you have your plan and know what you're supposed to do, your children know what they're supposed to do, where you're supposed to go," Melissa Moore stated.

But for those who don't have a basement or a storm shelter at home, Warren County Parks and Recreation Director Chris Kummer says there are multiple storm shelters across the county ready for use.

"They can actually hold several hundred people. They're rated to withstand tornadoes if they did come through the area. We man them, whenever there's a tornado watch. We actually staff the shelters, doesn't matter what time, day or night. So on Tuesday when the storms rolled through, we had people on staff here from about 9:00 pm to about 5:00 am," Kummer mentioned.

And Assistant Director of Warren County Parks and Recreation Phil Moore says you shouldn't think twice when a tornado watch is in effect for your area.

"You don't have to wait till you start to see the hail, then start running over to the shelter. Some people have done that, and hail can be devastating too. Don't wait. Move at that time. You can go to Ephram White Park, you can go to Buchanon Park, you can come here to Basil Griffin, move at that time and come in and be secure," Moore added.

A friendly reminder of your nearest storm shelter, when not so friendly weather moves in.

Click on the attached document to see if your county has a severe storm designated safety location.

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