Local teachers rally in Franklin amid pension crisis

FRANKLIN, Kentucky (WBKO) -- As Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin was speaking in Franklin today at a fundraiser, teachers marched to voice their frustrations with his pension proposal.

The march started in the square, and finished near the residence where Gov. Bevin was.

"We know what's going on!" yelled Charles Smith, an education advocate.

"Be prepared, be prepared!" he shouted to the lawmakers in attendance.

The Kentucky pension crisis is hitting educators hard across the state and in South Central Kentucky and to say they're upset would be an understatement.

"We do not support Senate Bill #1 and we want our voices heard," said Diane Cury, Simpson county's KEA President. "We want our pensions left alone."

Tonight consisted of more than just Simpson County teachers as educators and students poured in to march from all around South Central Kentucky.

"Social workers and state workers are here too." said Charles Smith

Students in attendance say they can make a difference.

"We should use our influence and take hold of our democracy." said Noah Young, a student at South Warren High School.

Their signs read 'A PENSION IS A PROMISE' and those that rallied tonight say is the message they want to send to these lawmakers.

"We have done them a great disservice by taking money out of their pension, instead of putting it back in," adds Young. "We need to find a way to do it, I know we can."

"We're promised that and we should have that," mentions Charles Smith.

While the governor was unavailable for comment this evening, teachers say the march is still important.

"We wanted everyone to join together and let our voices be heard," Cury says.

The full Senate will hear the new pension bill on Friday morning in Frankfort.

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