Long awaited Hilltopper Hall set to open on WKU’s campus

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A long awaited residence hall featuring hotel style rooms is finally opening on WKU’s campus.

The monumental six story co-ed building is situated in what used to be known as the Valley of the Dolls.

After more than 18 months of construction, close to four hundred students will finally be able to call Hilltopper Hall home.

“They’ve been waiting a long time and we’ve been waiting a long time for them so we’re just excited to welcome them here in the next couple of weeks.”

The fencing is gone, concrete is poured and Hilltopper Hall is ready for students.

“We’ve probably got another few weeks worth of punch list stuff but it doesn’t keep us from occupying the building.”

Close to four hundred students will live in the Hall, less than half being student athletes in compliance with NCAA standards.

“It’s got kind of half athletes and half other students. It’s got a breakdown of everything from freshmen to seniors .”

Housing and Dining Executive Director Mike Reagle says the rooms feature furniture that maximizes flexibility.

“If they want to work on their laptop here or here you can stand up.”

He says the biggest draw is having a bathroom in each room.

“We have a number of students request this type of housing and we haven’t had it. Now we’ll have it and be able to give it to them.”

Each floor has a social corner area with a kitchen and spectacular views of campus.

The bottom floor is mainly open, social space.

“There’s also what we’re calling the makers space which is a place for students to go and tinker around with things and build things.”

The general public will be able to access a 24-hour dining facility in Hilltopper Hall.

“It’s got its own cafeteria so a smaller fresh food company similar to what will be in DSU.”

The backside of the building, facing the valley will have plenty of outdoor seating.

“I think people at first were afraid they were gonna lose the beauty of the valley but you still have all the trees, all the greenery out there. “

“I’m just excited for students to get here and utilize this space. “

Athletes begin moving in next week followed by Master Plan students August 20th and 21st and by August 27th, the first day of class, Hilltopper Hall will be full.

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