Long time McLean county doctor establishes scholarship at WKU

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A long time doctor in McLean County may have hung up his stethoscope but the WKU alum is still finding a way to give back.

Dr. Hugh Wilhite practiced family medicine for more than fifty years, many of those serving his hometown in McLean County. Now he and his wife have made a gift to the alma mater they remember so fondly.

Dr. Hugh Wilhite has a lot more time to play his beloved banjo since retiring July first.

“It’s been a long time coming.”

Wilhite spent his undergraduate years at Western Kentucky University.

“I feel I had an experience that I wouldn’t take ten million dollars for.”

A big part of that experience was playing basketball for Ed Diddle.

“I feel really fortunate being able to sit on the bench for four years and I can say I had one of the best seats in the house.”

Reminiscing with Mr. Western himself Lee Robertson who is also a native of Calhoun.

“His wife is from here in McLean county and they’ve known me since I was in swaddling clothes (laughs).”

“I cover all of his life span and he covers a portion of mine.”

When it came time to make a gift to the university, Wilhite shared with Lee and others what he had in mind.

“I told them I’d like to donate the cost of a new gymnasium. But what I was referring to was the Old Red Barn at Western which was completed in 1931 at a cost of 225 thousand dollars.”

That money will now benefit students in McLean and surrounding counties pursuing degrees in health related professions.

“What he’s gonna do with it and what he wants it to do is unbelievable beneficial to WKU.”

Now it’s time for Wilhite to enjoy retirement and give back to the University that served him so well.

“I can’t express how much I enjoyed those four years down there.”

The Dr. Hugh H. Wilhite and Debby G. Wilhite scholarship is part of the WKU Opportunity Fund, a donor driven fundraising campaign to benefit WKU students.

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