Loved one dies at 56 from COVID-19, family urges community to take the pandemic seriously

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Marilyn Thompson, known by Marie to her family, was a Bowling Green resident who lost her three-week-long battle with COVID-19 Tuesday.

The 56-year-old worked at the Medical Center as a CNA and Patient Safety Aide for over twenty years and retired in 2016.

The family says Thompson was compassionate and caring and loved her church family and community.

"We know where she is. It was a sad day yesterday for all of us, but we know that we'll see her again. That angel is flying high in Heaven and she's inspiring people up there, so we have no doubt," said Yvonne Williams, Thompson's cousin.

The family adds that Thompson got sick several weeks ago and tried to fight on her own. She ended up going to the doctor where she was diagnosed with the virus. She went to the hospital and ended up on a ventilator. The family was not able to be there physically at the hospital to say their goodbyes in person, and are urging people to take this virus seriously.

"What is it gonna take for some of them to take it seriously? For it to be personal like my family had to deal with yesterday? To have a conference call to decide the fate of your loved one, can't be by their side. But you know what, even though we couldn't be by her side, we know the good Lord was right there with her," said Williams.

Thompson was a member of Little Zion Baptist Church in Bowling Green. She leaves behind a mother, uncles, aunts, a husband, two brothers, a sister, along with nieces and nephews and cousins.

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