Lt. Governor makes a stop in Barren County to encourage and enlighten students

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BARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- As the first African American in Kentucky history to hold statewide office, Kentucky's Lieutenant Governor, Jenean Hampton is nothing short of an inspiration.

On Monday, she used her story and personable nature to speak with kids at an alternative school just down the road.

"Our students often times feel a little under-served," said Dan Belding, Director at Barren County College Street Campus.

However, Monday they were anything but that.

"I'm making an extra effort to reach the alternative school kids, and it's worthwhile," said Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton (R).

Growing up as a shy kid in poverty, Lt. Governor Hampton uses her story to connect with students like she did at the Barren County College Street campus.

"I use my own personal experience because if someone had told me at their age, that I would someday be Lieutenant Governor of a state, I wouldn't have believed them," said Lt. Governor Hampton.

She empathized and encouraged the students through her speaking.

"Having the Lieutenant Governor here, I think will reinforce to the students here at College Street that they are important," said Belding.

Not only sharing her story, she also broke out in to small groups with the students without school staff present. She did this with hopes of getting honest feedback about the school.

"I was very impressed that that was her focus," expressed Belding.

"It's a different conversation with this group of kids and I think somebody just needs to hear them," said Lt. Governor Hampton, aiming to change perspectives.

"I had one young man, not here but in a different school, 15-16 year old," she explained. "He said, 'I'm just going to end up in prison like my dad.' How sad is that, that he's not even looking forward to what he could become."

Her personal approach enlightened students, staff and local government officials that were there.

"Whatever they've done does not define who they are, and that they're capable of of far more than they may believe at the time," she went on.

The Lieutenant Governor spent around three hours at the College Street Campus, and even had lunch with some of the students.

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