MLK Day memorial celebration fills Bowling Green streets & pews

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A day of communal celebration over the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

"Today is our MLK celebration. We had a breakfast earlier over at Parker Bennett Elementary School, and now we're about to have our march which will go from the Justice Center over at the State Street Baptist Church," MLK Day Planning Committee Chairperson, Ryan Dearbone stated.

A march symbolizing a chance to come together as one, to hold on to and continue Dr. King's work.

"This is a chance for the community to come together. A chance for black, white, asian, it doesn't matter. Your age, your race, your anything, it doesn't matter. We all get together to celebrate Dr. King, celebrate his dream and legacy, and hopefully find ways to make our community better," Dearbone added.

Once the marchers made their way to State Street Baptist Church, the sanctuary filled quickly with wholesome music, overwhelming praise and continuous hope, which followed Jessica Rogers home in her heart.

"I hope that this inspired a lot of people, to continue to go outside and keep hope alive and spread love one to another. Although there's different things that go on in the world, but we all have a chance to make a change if you want to."

Leaving Jessica Rogers a message for everyone who could have a future leader themselves.

"Help build your community up cause that's where it starts. It starts at home. What they're not teaching at school, teach them at home, so they can become tolerant, they can become more educated, and they can spread that throughout years to come."

A memorial holiday celebration for the doctor, civil rights leader and pastor himself, Martin Luther King, Junior.

People celebrating Monday's service at State Street Baptist Church filled each and every seat in the sanctuary as more people crowded in to remember Dr. King.

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