Macon County inmate escapee found in Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Three inmates escaped from Tennessee's Macon County Jail on Wednesday.

One of the two escapees caught was found and arrested in Bowling Green Thursday by the BGPD at the Executive Inn and Suites on Cumberland Trace. The inmate's name is Matt White who was jailed on drug and theft charges.

The hotel manager said White came in Thursday afternoon asking to rent a room, and he did not have an ID on him. However, the hotel manager recognized him from the news, so he let him rent out a room anyway, in order to keep him in a secure place so he could notify police.

"We had been alerted that it was possible that one or two of them were in Bowling Green," says Ronnie Ward with the Bowling Green Police Department.

Therefore, police were hoping and prepared for a phone call at any given time.

"After 4:15 in the afternoon, we received a call to go to a hotel on the Cumberland Trace," says Ward.

Luckily, the Executive Inn manager recognized him. He also said he strategically put him into a room that he could see from his office. According to him, White went in and out multiple times before he called the police.

"They were not really able to identify him. He kept giving his brother's information, and didn't really lead us to exactly who he was. We figured it was him, but we just couldn't prove it," says Ward.

That didn't stop them though.

"They made a couple phone calls to the Marshall's office, and were able to find out that the man had some tattoos that were unique, so they went back to the hotel, made contact with White and were able to line up his tattoos," says Ward.

The police then arrested him, saying White was cooperative. He was put in the Warren County (Ky.) Regional Jail around 7 p.m. according to the website.

"The whole incident took somewhere about two hours," says Ward.

A fugitive crossing state lines, now back behind bars in South Central Kentucky.

White will be kept in the Warren County Regional Jail for the time being. He will see a judge here on Monday, then likely be taken back to Macon County within ten days, Jailer, Stephen Harmon says.

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