Mahurin Honors College kicks off Speaker Series

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The Honors College at WKU kicked off its first ever speaker series with a Bowling Green native who is the Dean of Timothy Dwight College at Yale.

Dr. Sarah Mahurin was named the first female dean of Timothy Dwight College in 2014. It’s a role that offers her a unique perspective on the topic she brought to WKU “Narratives of (and in) Higher Education.”

“I’m trying to complicate what I think are sort of easy or cheap stories that get told about the state of affairs on college campuses. “

Dr. Sarah Mahurin, who has degrees from both Harvard and Yale, and is now Dean of a college, has strong opinions about today’s higher education narrative.

“I’m unsatisfied and sort of suspicious of the way college is being packaged as a story to be consumed in part by people who haven’t been in college for a long time.”

That’s the message she shared with students and faculty as she launched the Honors College first ever speaker series.

The Bowling Green native also talked about her role as a college Dean, living on a college campus.

“It’s been incredible. It’s been challenging, and moving, and tough and my job is never the same from day to day so it keeps me on my toes.”

Mahurin didn’t have to look far for a mentor who helped prepare her for the rigors of the job.

“My mother has worked in college athletics on this campus since I was a little girl and when I was growing up I saw the way she dealt with her athletes, many of whom were in our home and at my birthday parties when I was a child. The seriousness which she took her role as a person in their lives and also being flexible according to their needs and background was important for me to see.”

While on campus Dr. Mahurin visited with an honors English class and had lunch with ten honors scholars.

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