Man accused of slitting three-year-old niece's throat

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CLINTON COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- According to officials, a man is being held in the Clinton County Jail after being accused of attacking his three-year-old niece and slitting her throat.

The local sheriff told reporters in Lexington that the little girl is in critical condition at a hospital.

According to authorities, Emanuel Fluter slit his niece's throat on Saturday at a home on Beatty Creek Road in Albany.

According to Fluter’s arrest citation, the victim’s father heard the child screaming over a baby monitor.

Neighbors told reporters they were shocked.

"They're such a beautiful family the kids, mom, and the dad, they are very friendly the kids are out in the yard playing a lot. It was just extremely heartbreaking. I just can't imagine someone being able to
do that."

Fluter was charged with first degree assault and first degree wanton endangerment. Officials say more charges are possible.

The jail told Lexington reporters that no mugshot is available because Fluter has been acting too violent to have his picture taken.

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