Man shoots woman in parking lot of hospital in Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- One man has landed behind bars on Tuesday, after shooting a woman in a hospital parking lot.

Bowling Green Police say an employee of the hospital called dispatch saying a woman had been shot in the Greenview Regional Hospital parking lot.

Officials say Billy Richards accidentally shot a woman, and that Richards walked around the front of the hospital to get his truck around to the ER parking lot.

When authorities arrived they stopped Richards, and he spoke with officials after he was read his rights.

Police say Richards admitted he accidentally shot the woman and that they had been drinking together and then began arguing about her talking to other men.

Officials say, Richards then said he became angry and shot his handgun towards the front of his house until it was empty.

Authorities add that Richards told them that the woman wanted to go pick up her car at Greenview Hospital.

Richards also tells police they began arguing again in the parking lot and that he had his gun pointing at the woman thinking it was unloaded and he was angry.

Police say Richards then tells them the gun began slipping from his hand and he tried getting a better grip on it and when he tried adjusting it the gun accidentally went off and the woman was shot in the chest.

BGPD says Richards smelled of alcohol, he was taken to the Warren County Jail.

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