Man's building disappears off his property in Butler County

Published: May. 24, 2018 at 6:26 PM CDT
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Off a beaten path, overlooking a four acre lake is a good place to retire.

"That was one of the reasons I bought it, plus the woods, I love being in the woods," said Roger Pennington, property/building owner.

Roger bought a small building from someone online in 2017.

"I was staying in the camper until I was going to turn that into a cabin and move in it, but that's a different story now," he said.

It's a different story now because Roger's building is no longer there.

"Stuff is laying out [and] nobody's bothered anything since I've been down here that's the first thing that's come up missing," said Pennington.

On May 2, Pennington left his property and building in Butler County. When he returned on May 10, the 12x28 foot building was gone.

Whoever took the building, cut the chain off his fence to trespass.

"There's tire tracks here, and they went out by the telephone pole over there," said Pennington.

They left behind a box blade knife.

"I'm just following all the leads that I can in each direction," said Pennington.

The missing building also contained over $1,500 worth of Roger's personal items.

"The personal stuff, I'm more aggravated at that more than the building I guess," said Pennington.

Roger is pondering his own theories at this point.

"It could have been bought by an individual that owed on it and the people had come, found it and repossessed it," said Pennington.

"If they would have contacted me, they could have had the building," added Pennington.

However, they are just theories.

"It still could have been stolen, I've had people down here that's contacted me that said they've had property stolen," said Pennington.

Even with a Facebook post now with over nine thousand shares, Roger is still at a loss for answers.

"The many shares I've gotten on it, you think somebody would have seen it somewhere or another," said Pennington.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating this case. If anyone has information please contact them at (270) 526-3676.