Marshall County explains what it means to be "Marshall Strong"

Published: Jan. 25, 2018 at 10:16 PM CST
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Just two days after a shooting at Marshall County High School, Bad Bob's BBQ in Benton, Kentucky is running business as usual.

However, the outside of the building looks much different, as the windows have now been painted in Marshall County orange and blue.

"Both of my daughters went to Marshall County High School, I went to Marshall County High School," says Vicky Young, who has lived in Marshall County more than 40 years. "Both of them that day [Tuesday] came to see me when they got off work, said they just needed mommy hugs,"

Vicky is painting the words, "Marshall Strong," as well as a ribbon with the names of the two 15-year-old students who were killed in the shooting, on the outside of the restaurant. She says it's her way of helping the community heal.

"No matter what goes on the town always pulls together. It's a great town. Everybody knows everybody," she adds.

Inside the restaurant, Angie Smith continues to work, alongside her daughter, who just happened to be running late for school on Tuesday, the day of the shooting.

"My daughter is a freshman at the high school. I'm usually never ever late," says Angie.

Angie says it was during the drive to school that they found out about the shooting.

"The first thing that goes through your mind is panic," she says. "I think God that she was with me at that time and we were running late."

Her daughter Keasha says, "Honestly my first reaction was wow that could actually happen and it actually did happen. Scared for my friends and my family and I really just couldn't stand the thought of thinking that somebody that I cared about could actually be hurt."

The people in Marshall County say they won't let something like this define their community.

"Marshall County will come back stronger than ever. We're down right now but we're coming back," says Angie.

"We're not just a school, we're not just a county, we're not just a town, we're family," adds Keasha.

"I feel like when we go back [to school], everyone is going to be more together. Everyone is going to appreciate everyone," says Keasha.

Marshall County middle schools and elementary schools were in session on Thursday. Reports show the high school will reopen on Friday, and parents will be allowed to attend school with their children in they would like.