Cameron Buckner requesting shock probation for second time

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Cameron Buckner was convicted of shooting Mason South in the head during an altercation in August of last year.

Buckner's appearance in Circuit Court Wednesday marks the second time he's stood before a judge seeking shock probation.

The first request for shock probation was denied last month. Since then, the man Buckner shot has asked for Buckner's conditional release from the Warren County Jail, where he's been held since last August's altercation.

Mason South, in a signed affidavit, says that he and Buckner were acquaintances before the altercation, and he'd like to put the whole thing behind them, and maybe one day be friends.

"I'm all about forgiveness. I know if I did something like that, I would want a second chance," South tells 13 News. "I don't believe in an eye for an eye or any of that, and I just wanted to get that off my chest."

Buckner's attorney, Matt Baker, says he rarely has a client with as much support as Cameron Buckner, and that should he be granted probation, he would be able to move forward.

"He has every intention of pursuing his education. If he were released today, he could be working and contributing to society as early as tomorrow, but he has secured full-time employment in the event of his release."

Cameron Buckner is facing a ten year sentence after pleading guilty to second degree assault.

The Commonwealth reiterates the fact that Buckner did shoot an unarmed man in the face, and that probation should not be an option.

Buckner will be eligible for shock probation for about two more months. There's no limit to how many times he can ask for shock probation during that time.

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