Matt Rzepka scholarships awarded at Cumberland Trace Elementary

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A Bowling Green man’s legacy lives on at an elementary school he adored.

Eight students at Cumberland Trace elementary received the Matt Rzepka Scholarship this week.

Amy Bingham finds out why this is the perfect way to carry on Matt’s memory in this week’s View from the Hill.

“92 recipients so far and a little over 120,000 dollars we’ve raised.”

Sam Rzepka is talking about scholarship money raised in honor of his son Matt.

“He was a man of gold, he really was, he would do anything for you.”

This marks the 14th year scholarships have been awarded to fifth and sixth graders attending Cumberland Trace Elementary.

A school Matt attended and later worked as a volunteer.

“He just loved this place, he said I’ll do it for nothing, I don’t care.”

Matt Rzepka passed away in 2002 at the age of 22. A few years later the Matt Rzepka Memorial Golf tournament was established to raise money for the scholarship fund.

"It’s gone from two thousand to 6, 8 10 and now last year it was 16,000 dollar profit for one day.”

Matt’s friend since pee wee football, David White, helps coordinate the tournament.

“My wife and I , my wife more than me, I wish she was here as well, she does a ton of work in raising funds and getting donations and finding ways where we can cut cost and raise more money for scholarship.”

That’s where these future WKU students come in. Their essays were chosen from more than fifty entries to receive two thousand dollars toward their higher education.

“I wrote about a career in zoology, all the great things I could do with that.”

“I put that I wanted to be a nurse, that has been my dream since I was in kindergarten and first grade,”

“I said that my dad is ex military and he owns his own business and I want to work for him someday.”

They also understand how important it is for the Rzepkas.

“It means a lot because I’ve had a family member pass away and I know it means a lot to them to do this.”

Just knowing Matt’s love for the kids is carrying on.

“I can just see him glowing, just being thankful that he did leave a legacy like this that his name does live on and it lives on in a great manner.”

The Matt Rzepka Memorial Golf Tournament takes place on the third Saturday of July each year at Cross Winds Golf Course. The date for next year is July 21st, 2018.

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