Governor Matt Bevin holds public forum in Hardin County

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY. (WBKO) --- In a public forum, Governor Matt Bevin discussed key issues affecting the Commonwealth.

Including the state-funded retirement system. Bevin says you should be able to get some level of help from the state.

"What has been proposed is a very generous match, it's much better than more 401k's that exist in the private sector and then you have the full value of it. You take it with you, you can roll it into another plan somewhere if you take it with you. You have control. You have portability. You decide if you're that worker, when or where or how you go. You take your money with you. That's why it's better," Bevin said.

Bevin says the way the pension system is now, there may not be a payout in the future.

In regards to another issue, one Hardin County resident asked what initiatives are coming for economic development.

"You now have 30 some odd thousand people in E-town itself, 100,000 plus in this county. It is only going to keep growing," Bevin said. "Good bad or otherwise, development is coming. There is still a lot of land. There is still plenty of arable land around here that is capable of being a farm. Some will continue to be farmland, but it will become increasingly valuable for other potential purposes and it is that point in time, you and other people like yourselves will have to decide what's the best use of this land."

With Bevin recently announcing a new running mate for re-election, Jenean Hampton was also a topic of discussion.

"Jenean Hampton is a dear friend, has been for many years. I was actually just with her today," Bevin said.

Bevin's statement heard recently by most as "America is becoming soft" was addressed.

"I do think America is getting soft. I've said that many many times. But what I said is related to cold and shutting down schools. What conveniently got clipped out, is that we need to air on the side of being safe. Had that been virally communicated, nobody would have been as impressed," Bevin said.

Governor Bevin plans to speak at several more public forums throughout the commonwealth in the near future.

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