McDonald's fundraiser aims to help Jennings Creek Elementary build school playground

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McDonald's is giving back to the community by helping out one Warren County School.

The fast-food restaurant donated 25% of their sales on Tuesday in an effort to help Jennings Creek Elementary, get a new playground.

The money for the fundraiser will come from the sales at the restaurant and the drive-thru.

The fundraiser is being called the "Raise Craze".

The principal of Jennings Creek Elementary, Jamie Woosley expressed his thoughts, "It's amazing I've been here for about an hour and it's been non-stop and we've got about 650 students about if you include pre-school about 700 and it's just amazing how many people are coming out to support this and support Jennings Creek."

One parent at Jennings Creek, Jackie Newman says, "and we're also so grateful for McDonald's, they reached out to us this is their grand re-opening and they wanted to partner with us they knew that we're a new school and that this is a need that we have, and we have the opportunity to potentially get a new playground because our kids have been playing outside in the parking lot for months and months at the beginning of school."

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