Med Center EMS prepared for coronavirus response

Published: Mar. 10, 2020 at 4:57 PM CDT
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Amid Coronavirus fears, local EMS has been prepared for a potential response at any given moment with masks, gloves, gowns and respirators.

Jim Williams with Med Center EMS says they're ready and have been.

"We've been really well prepared for literally decades for the same thing, because in the end infectious disease emergency is an infectious disease," he added.

Their method of preparedness starts with dispatch where they will integrate the caller. From there, the medics will determine what kind of gear to respond with.

"We'll wear gowns to keep stuff off our clothing so on the next run we're not spreading this stuff around to other people and other places," said Williams.

A very effective option for the medics, the power air purifying respirator.

"This device has a blower or a motor in it that sucks in air and then sucks it in and cleans it using different types of cartridges."

In Kentucky, 34 people have been tested, eight testing positive and 28 negative. There has been no threat of COVID-19 in Warren County at this time.

All this said and shown Williams says there's no need for the public to panic.

"You're hearing a gamut of people talking about this stuff that it's the end of days or that it's nothing at all to worry about, it's in the middle."