Med Center helps ease expectant parents nerves at expo

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Having a baby is known to be one of the most exciting yet frightening experiences in a parents life. Two times every year, the Bowling Green Medical Center tries to help expectant parents turn that fear of the unknown into excitement for the future adventures ahead.

The Medical Center brings different vendors for the Expectant Parent Fair. Parents are able to see the multiple resources available to the community, sign up for classes, and tour the OB Unit.

"As a first time mom, I have no clue on what I need or how to go about getting everything. It's really informative for me," said Erica Vincent.

Vincent wasn't the only first time mom-to-be in attendance. Britney Jones, who is just days away from delivery, was at the fair with her husband. She was excited to meet some of the people who will be crucial on the day she gets to meet her son.

"Just getting to meet some of the staff members that we are going to encounter that day is a big help," said she, excitedly.

Even parents who have had a child found the expo to be helpful.

"It helps feel more comfortable with it, feel more prepared," said Jessica Myers. Her and her husband, Jimmy Myers, are expecting their second baby girl two months from now.

Director of Women and Newborn Services, Caitlin Burklow, says this bi-yearly event is meant to ease the mind of parents at all stages of expectancy.

"I know there is a lot of questions moms have when their here, so we try to ease their mind while they are here," Burklow told 13 News.

She also said if there was any parents who missed the fair, they are always more than welcome to tour the OB Unit and meet the staff at any point.

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