Meet 100-year-old WWII Combat Veteran Noble Midkiff

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 12:26 PM CST
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It was 1919, the year the nineteenth amendment was signed, Woodrow Wilson was president and a gallon of gas was only .23 cents. But, that was also the year Noble Midkiff was born.

"Life is a precious and a remarkable gift. Make the most of it, then you will be a happier person," said Midkiff.

Midkiff, a young Kentucky boy from Fordsville/Reynolds Station area in Ohio County grew up to be a WWII American Hero.

Midkiff grew up on a farm with his mother, father, grandfather, "Papa, and four brothers and sisters.

Noble spent his days working on the farm, taking care of livestock, and working with his beloved horses for only $1.00 per day.

Noble met his wife, Ada, and soon married in 1941.

"We were married on the sixth of December, 1941," he said.

Pearl Harbor was bombed the next morning and soon enough, Noble would be involved in one of the single most important wars in human history.

"I was drafted June 26, 1942," Midkiff said.

Even after going off to War, Noble and Ada stayed strong. Ada wrote to Noble practically everyday throughout the war.

"We went 33 months and ten days without seeing each other," he said.

They were married sixty two and a half years, before her passing in 2004. He says the key to a lasting marriage is simple.

"Love, it is that simple," he said.

At 100-years-old, Noble's personality, his jokes, and his smile haven't faded.

Noble was injured three times in the war. The first in February 1943, then in 1944 and 1945.

"My conviction, I have never told anyone some of my experiences in WWII," he said.

"Most of what he saw and what happened to him, he'll take to his grave and I understand that," said Noble's son, Jim Midkiff.

A recipient of a War Service Medal, Purple Heart, and personal notes from General George S. Patton and President George H.W. Bush, Noble Midkiff is a combat wounded American hero.

"I was not a hero, I was a lucky survivor," he said. "I'd like to be remembered as a little man who lived beside the road and tried to be a friend to man. Signed - 100-year-old-noble. (laughter) that's it."

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