Metcalfe County hires additional school resource officer

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EDMONTON, Ky. (WBKO) - The Metcalfe County School District has hired an additional school resource officer, bringing the total to two.

Officer Charles Massey will be at Metcalfe County Elementary School, while Officer Josh Neal will remain at Metcalfe High School and Metcalfe County Middle School.

The Metcalfe County Board of Education is also adding a school police department to the district called Special Law Enforcement Officer (SLEO). The certified officers will have jurisdiction on school grounds and at some school events held off campus.

Both Officer Neal and Officer Massey were former deputies at the Metcalfe County Sheriff’s Department.

Mecalfe County Schools Superintendent Benny Lile spoke to 13 News and said, "We want them to feel part of the faculty. We want them to feel a connection and begin to develop relationships with our students so that our students feel comfortable go to those people and talking to those people and so more than anything obviously a great safety component to it but we look forward to the relationship piece as much or more than anything."

Lile said many parents and community members were concerned about school safety after the Parkland shooting and the Marshall County shooting.

The forum allowed parents, first responders, school board members, and the community to come together and talk about school safety and make recommendations to the board.

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