Metcalfe County teacher to decorate White House for a second time

Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 10:51 PM CST
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One Metcalfe County kindergarten teacher is taking a festive short trip to Washington D.C for a second time.

Jay White is a kindergarten teacher at Metcalfe County Elementary School and he has been through this trip before.

"So I knew that it was possible that you could volunteer to decorate the White House so I applied, but I didn't apply because I am a professional decorator the reason I got it was because I came across and said I was a kindergarten teacher what better way to share with my kids than go to the White House." -- Jay White, Metcalfe County Elementary School teacher

One can say the trip of a lifetime, Jay White gets to experience that, not once, but twice.

"The reason I get to go back is because of hard work. So when my leader, when we were finished she said, you did a good job, I am going to recommend you to come back." -- Jay White

Jay says it is an experience he treasures deeply, especially being able to bring it back and share it with his students.

"So I bring that back to my classroom and my kids just love it, they love to see the pictures and the videos, cause it's amazing, cause a lot of them don't have a lot of that at home they don't have all these big trees and lights, and so it brings it back to them and it also brings it back to my community."

When asked about what he is looking forward to this time around, "we made good friends with my team and they were from all over the United States and we have stayed in touch throughout the year, and that will be good to see them again. And just to go and just live that again and a second time I'll be able to do things that I didn't do the first time."

White wants to send a message to his students and those with big dreams, "so that's what I kind of want to stress to my kids and the viewers, that your hard work does pay off."

White will be heading to Washington on Thanksgiving Day.

White told 13 News that last year, the theme was chosen by the First Lady, and it was a patriotic theme.

This year's theme has not yet been announced.

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