Michael Drew Hardy sentenced to 20 years after new trial request

Published: Sep. 26, 2016 at 7:32 PM CDT
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Two months after a Bowling Green man was convicted by a jury, he and his attorney ask for a new trial.

Michael Hardy's attorney Mark Hall spent the majority of the sentencing hearing asking Judge Steve Wilson for a new trial based on a past case in Warren County where different plea agreements were offered, that weren't offered in Hardy's case.

They also argued that facts were left out of the case. Information the jury should have heard.

"It's hard to say justice was done when you compare Mr. Hardy's circumstances and facts with what else has occurred here in Warren County," said attorney Mark Hall.

The prosecutor from the trial, Warren County Commonwealth Attorney Chris Cohron argued that Hardy's case was unique and the jury got it right.

"If we would have amended it down to manslaughter two, it would have put him at a maximum sentence of four years to the parole board. To the commonwealth's position, it would be inane, to put him in a situation where he would be in front of the parole board in four years," replied Cohron.

Ultimately, Judge Wilson denied the request for a new trial and gave the sentence that the jury, and Jeremy Pryor's mother asked for. Twenty years.

Pryor was the driver killed by Hardy in a drunk driving accident on Smallhouse Road in 2014.

Hardy will begin serving that sentence immediately. He'll be eligible for parole in 17 years.

For more details from the trial and the case click the link in the related links section of this story.

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