UPDATE: Monroe County votes to remain dry

Published: Jan. 10, 2017 at 6:00 PM CST
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UPDATE: Monroe County votes to remain dry.

According to the Monroe County Clerk's Office, in an overwhelming vote of 1901 No's to 1211 Yes's, citizens of Monroe County voting to remain dry on Tuesday Night.


A petition for alcohol sales in Tompkinsville and Monroe County is finally seeing its day in the voting booth.

"A petition began in Monroe County's city, and then there became so much interest that it evolved in to a county-wide petition. I think more people were interested in seeing going to a county-wide vote," Teresa Sheffield, Monroe County Clerk stated.

Leaving the locals just moments away from an answer of either staying dry or going wet.

"Once the tallies are done by each precinct, they bring their totals in and we combine all the totals and have a grand total, and that's when we'll know the results," Sheffield added.

As the voting process for Monroe County comes to an end over alcohol sales, even if it does pass, the manager of Tompkinsville's Valero Quality Express says absolutely not to alcohol sales.

"The owners went out on a limb putting the signs up before anybody said anything. It's a big risk. We could possibly lose customers, but on the other hand we can gain customers also, that stand behind us and support us," Manager Teresa Huber stated.

As Teresa Huber stands by what she and the owners of the Quality Express in Tompkinsville believe in, she says her reasoning leaves her concerned over what alcohol could bring.

"There's going to be a higher issue of wrecks and stuff, and you know, I just don't want anybody getting hurt in our community."

"As a mother, I don't really want them to come in to a convenience store that I work for, manage, as far as any convenience store, just having them to come in maybe drinking and driving, and someone could get hurt," Huber added.

As the votes are being counted Tuesday night and the result is right around the corner, Teresa Huber asks the community for one thing.

"Just keep our community in mind and the safety for our kids and our grandchildren."


Catharine Gardner reached out to other Monroe County establishments for comment over the wet/dry voting as well, but they politely declined.

We'll bring you the latest update regarding the results for Monroe County as we receive them.