New Muhlenberg County Rep. focused on pro-life legislation

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GREENVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- Melinda Gibbons Prunty is headed to Frankfort as a state representative.

"I thought that I could win. I had no idea about results. I think it was a perfect storm," said State Rep. Elect Melinda Gibbons Prunty.

Gibbons Prunty beat long-time democrat Brent Yonts to represent the people of Muhlenberg and part of Hopkins Counties.

She said the number one issue that drove her to run was getting pro-life legislation passed.

"So I began discerning and praying and talking to my family, talking to my pastor and various other individuals about whether it was viable for me to run or whether I should run," Gibbons Prunty added.

However, that's not the only thing she hopes to accomplish.

"I'm very aware of coal issues, job issues, economic issues in our district, health insurance. People are talking about the fact their deductibles are going up, their premiums are going up," Gibbons Prunty said.

Gibbons Prunty worked for the diocese of Owensboro as a Youth Services Director.

She stepped down to run for public office.

"I told Bishop Medley, when I talked to him about stepping down, I said I felt called to come to this office 20 years ago. I feel just as called, if not more so, to do this," said Gibbons Prunty.

Even though Muhlenberg County is heavily democrat, Gibbons Prunty sensed a change in the way people vote.

"Our county had gone republican for Gov. Bevin. So, I felt like timing was everything. People were starting to move in that direction. We've had several people change parties," Gibbons Prunty said.

Now, she joins a super majority of republicans in Kentucky's capitol.

She also has some long term goals for office.

"We need to look at empowering the poor, find out what motivates them. I don't know that will be day one, but that's kind of a long term goal."

Gibbons Prunty's husband also ran against Brent Yonts two separate times in the past, but he was unsuccessful.

The exact margin the Republicans now have is 64 to 36 democrats.

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