Multi-million dollar company has grand opening in Bowling Green Thursday

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The newest and an extremely modern cold rolled steel factory officially opened in Bowling Green Thursday. The multi-million dollar investment took a big step forward.

The project is a $130 million investment, and that's just phase one of three.

"The Bilstein Group is a global company, and world leader in the steel we produce," says Mark Loik, President/CEO of Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel.

"I think one of the most important things is that investment will turn into 300 million dollars in our economy and that in itself is such a great thing for us," says First District Magistrate, Doug Gorman.

Although it was a scorcher of a day for late September, hundreds gathered for the official opening of Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel.

"It's a great great day for Warren County," says Gorman.

Even our Governor made a surprise appearance, after not knowing he could make it until the very last minute. They even had a video already queued up of him.

"About six years since you had this idea of going to america and yet here it is, and it's unbelievable," says Governor Bevin.

The German-based company chose Bowling Green for its first U.S. production location.

"Without the help and direction of the political leadership, the support of the Chamber here in Bowling Green, the unwavering commitments of our customers and supply base and of course the dedication of the Bowling Green community, none of this would have happened," says Loik.

And they chose the location for a reason.

"When you put the package together, this is a great choice, it really is," explains Loik.

Bilstein is currently home to around fifty employees.

"It's actually the best company I've ever worked for, I've been in the steel industry, or metals industry for almost 20 years," says Isaiah King, Controls Engineer at Bilstein.

Bilstein plans to open a total of 110 jobs, in addition to expanding the one hundred thousand square foot facility tremendously.

"...bringing us north of 400 thousand square feet," says Loik. With plans to be there by 2027 or sooner.

Overall, today was a huge accomplish for the future of Warren County.

"Together we're grateful that we'll be able to say with us, that we are Kentucky," says Governor Bevin.

The progressive company makes products that are used for car parts, along with safety equipment and power tools. With employees and leadership from all over the world, Bilstein plans to complete the final phase three in the next five to ten years.

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