Munfordville brings on Interim Chief and over a dozen firefighters walk out

Published: Jan. 4, 2018 at 9:58 PM CST
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13 News has received several calls from concerned citizens about the state of the Munfordville Volunteer Fire Department.

At a meeting Wednesday night, the city welcomed Mike Killebrew as Interim Chief of the fire department. During that meeting and since then, people say over 17 firefighters have walked out.

"And we all walked out, and I was the first to leave my keys down after all the time I've been there," said Betty Gossett who's been with the fire department for 11 years.

The opinion about the reason behind walking varies among both sides.

"Nobody's gonna work under Mike Killebrew because he's a fire Marshall, he's threatened you with being a fire Marshall, he's a state trainer, he's never there," explained Gossett.

"To me, sometimes people just don't like change, but I'm not aware of anything else," said Mayor John Freeman.

Since July, the Munfordville Fire Department has had three different chiefs, and this is their second mass walk out. In the past three years, they have had four chiefs.

In July, nine walked after former Chief Ricky Adcock stepped down.

"Shouldn't nobody have to put up with this really, I mean volunteer anyway," said Gossett.

After Chief Adcock, Jackie Logsdon was appointed. Recently, Logsdon requested he might step down for personal and health issues.

"I asked him yesterday, I said you're not being forced to do anything. He said, no, and I said if you wanna stay on it's fine. It was his decision that he wanted to step down," said Mayor Freeman.

After Logsdon officially stepped down, the city appointed Killebrew as Interim Chief.

"He's been on about ten years, and like I say, he's very knowledgeable in running a fire department, and that's one reason we decided to make him interim," said Mayor Freeman.

Several now former volunteer firefighters are hesitant about the new leadership.

"The things that have happened is unbelievable," said Gossett.

However, the mayor is confident in his decision, and said that they're roster is stacked.

"To me, he's gonna be a very valuable person," said Mayor Freeman. "We currently have 18 firefighters on our roster. They're all certified, and right now we have a strong fire department."

The other side though, begs to differ.

"You wanna know the truth, I'm telling you the God's honest truth," said Gossett.

Former Chief Adcock's wife, Bobbi Adcock was on the City Council. On Thursday, she told 13 News she turned in her resignation letter, for reasons relating to the fire department situation, among other city issues.