NAACP, law enforcement officials and community leaders handout masks in Bowling Green

Published: Jun. 5, 2020 at 3:17 PM CDT
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Community leaders and law enforcement officials teamed up with the housing authority in Bowling Green to deliver masks Friday morning.

"So the thought that the NAACP had a few weeks ago was let's just find a way to get people masks if they don't need them that is okay but lets at least try to get some masks out there," said Ryan Dearbone, Warren County, Bowling Green NAACP. "Then our community partners like Emergency Management as well as Broadway United Methodist Church they all pitched in and said 'hey we got masks to donate so let's go make this happen' so we were able to supply well over 600 masks to people."

Members from the local NAACP, WKU Police Department, Warren County Sheriff's Office, and the Housing Authority of Bowling Green handed out cloth and disposable masks.

"We are out here delivering masks to some of the low-income areas of the community to just make sure they have masks because we are all trying to get masks and make sure that everyone is taken care of," added Dearbone. "Sometimes we forget about those communities and those areas of our community that don't necessarily have access masks. So our goal this morning was to go around to some of these different areas and give masks out and make sure that everyone in our community is protected."

Ryan said he received nothing but positivity when dropping off the masks this morning.