NCM Motorsports Park offers Corvette Z51 cruises

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Looking for a chance to cruise in a Corvette? That opportunity is right around the corner.

The Motorsports Park has received five Corvette Z51's for the public to drive.

The racetrack will be offering an experience program, where clients can learn in-the-classroom and on-the-track, along with a touring lap program for those who want to simply hightail it to the driver's seat.

"We want to get somebody out there to enjoy the racetrack, enjoy the car, and learn a few things," Mitch Wright, general manager, said. "And if they want to do that at 50 miles an hour, that's fine; if they want to do that at 70 miles an hour, that's fine too."

He says they'll begin the touring lap program Monday, July 10, where those interested can call ahead.

The dates for the experience program are being updated and will require a reservation.

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