Narcan newly utilized at Warren Co. Sheriff's Office, save two lives in just six months

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(WBKO) -- On Wednesday, the Warren County Sheriff's Office assisted Logan County with a drug overdose using Narcan.

As the opioid epidemic increases, Sheriff Hightower says the newly utilized Narcan at the department is critical while out in the field.

Narcan is a potentially life saving medication that rapidly reverses opioid overdose. In Warren County, they started using the medication just this year, and thankfully so, as it has already saved several lives.

The box might be small, but its purpose is mighty.

"I wanted to ensure that we were at least equipped with everything we need, if in fact we started to see an increase in opioids here in the Warren County area," said Sheriff Brett Hightower.

While working an accident near the Logan County line Wednesday afternoon, Warren County deputies were requested to help Logan County with an opioid overdose.

"They were able to administer two doses of the Narcan and the person was revived and taken for further medical treatment," said Sheriff Hightower. ​

A grant from Drug-Free Warren County fully funded the department with the medication. The Medical Center then training the entire department just in the knick of time.

"We were trained up on a Friday, and the following Monday was our first usage of that -- where we were able to revive a person," said Sheriff Hightower.

Thursday's revival of a life marked the second time the department has utilized Narcan.

"You can't get a better day when you're able to save somebody's life,"

KSP and BGPD also carry around Narcan, but some smaller neighboring agencies do not have it on hand. Which is why Thursday's situation in Logan County is a perfect example of agencies cooperating together.

"Crime doesn't stop at a county line, so you have to keep those communication levels open," said Sheriff Hightower.

Every Warren Count deputy is required to receive proper training prior to carrying it around.