National Corvette Museum celebrates 24 years

Published: Aug. 30, 2018 at 5:57 PM CDT
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The museum opened Labor Day weekend of 1994.

Since then it has almost doubled in size and has added multiple exhibits, stores, tours and a Motorsports Park across the street from the museum.

This weekend four people will be inducted into the "Corvette Hall of Fame."

"At this event we induct three or four individuals into the corvette hall of fame, we have a number of seminars, road tours, car show, and then general motors brings in the latest model corvettes for people to learn about, ask questions and even sit in one," said Katie Ellison, spokesperson for National Corvette Museum.

The museum is already gearing up for next year's big 25th anniversary with the "National Corvette Caravan" and concert.

A racing simulator is located inside the museum for people to experience along with rides in vintage Corvettes.

Tickets for the museum are on sale at the front of the museum or online at the link attached to this story.