National Corvette Museum opens sinkhole exhibit

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It has been almost two years since the sinkhole opened up in the National Corvette Museum, swallowing eight cars.

Instead of simply repairing the damage done to the cars, the museum decided to create a brand new exhibit, immortalizing the sinkhole and the damage done into it's history.

"We decided to create an exhibit that told the story of what happened, why it happened, talk about the cars, how we fixed the building," said Katie Frassinelli, the marketing and communications manager for the Corvette Museum.

"This exhibit has been in development for about a year. It has a lot of hands on and interactive activities and a little something for everyone."

The exhibit includes attractions like the video of the sinkhole opening, the cars affected, and what it took to fix the sinkhole.

Out of the eight cars that fell into the sinkhole, only two have been restored: the first edition ZR1 and the 1,000,000th Corvette.

"We plan to restore the 1962 Corvette in house ourselves, and the others will be left as is. The damage was just too extensive," said Frassinelli.

The exhibit is currently open but will have its official introduction on Friday, the two year anniversary of the sinkhole.

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