Need a warm coat? The Salvation Army has you covered!

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- This time of year the need for warm coats is ever present. To that end, the Salvation Army started its Free Coat program three years ago.

Army officials say all of the coats donated go straight to the shelter, not the thrift store. They say they don't make any profit, they just want to make sure the community stays warm. And it's easy to do.

"They would just walk up to the window," says Salvation Army Director of Social Services Heather Ryan, "and just say that they needed a coat. Tell us which size and we'll get 'em a coat. If they need gloves or a scarf or whatever, if we have those, then we'll give those them as well."

The sizes of the coats vary from children's to large adults, depending on what coats are donated each year. Whether you want to pick up a coat, or donate a new or clean used coat, the Salvation Army is at 400 West Main Street in Bowling Green.

Monday 10AM–4:30PM
Tuesday 10AM–4:30PM
Wednesday 10AM–4:30PM
Thursday 10AM–4:30PM (Thanksgiving) Hours might differ
Friday 10AM–4:30PM (Black Friday) Hours might differ
Saturday 10AM–3PM
Sunday Close

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