Never underestimate the depth of flood waters

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - After numerous days of rain and soggy weather, flooding continues to be an issue across South Central Kentucky. After parts of the region picked up over 3 inches of rain since Sunday, creeks, and rivers are flowing out of their beds and even over some bridges and roads.

With these high water, it can be easy for one to underestimate not only the power of water but how deep it may be. According to The National Weather service, rushing water of just only 6 inches can knock over an adult while 12 inches can move a small car. Larger cars and nearly all vehicles will be swept away once water levels are rushing at a depth of 2 feet.

The National Weather Service urges drivers to "turn around don't drown."

These flooding waters will continue to be an issue even though the rain has come to a halt, runoff waters will continue to flow into creeks and river leading to higher levels of flooding. With more rain in the forecast, we could see minor flooding into the weekend.

To learn more about the power of flood waters click here to go to The National Weather Service website.

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