New Hart County High School under construction

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MUNFORDVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- After years of waiting patiently, Hart County High School is due for a 33 million dollar change.

"Plumbing, electrical, and our heating and cooling system. Those are some of the areas in the worst shape," Hart County High School Assistant Principal Bo Chenoweth stated.

"We waited our turn on the state list for schools that needed a new school, and we're just so excited cause there's people who have been here long have been looking forward to the day when we have a new school," Chenoweth added.

As construction and demolition for a completely new high school is in the works, students and staff have all come together literally to continue learning.

"They basically cut our building in half, so we moved in to half of a building. So, lots of things had to be reworked and a lot of that was ongoing since about fall break," Chenoweth mentioned.

"During construction, every single classroom is being used every single block of the day, I think. We're even using the cafeteria in the mornings for classrooms as well," Hart County High School teacher Deidre Day stated.

But with the new high school coming, Mrs. Day says its an inevitable bittersweet change.

"You kind of feel like you lost a home. I started here when I felt like I was a baby. I had just come out of college, 22 years old, and this has been my home away from home."

As Mrs. Day roams the halls, jogging her memory when she first started teaching, she understands that the change will be better for everyone.

"My very first room when I started teaching back in 1991 was the very last room down this hall. We look at the benefits when we get that new building, how great it's going to be, to a have a state-of-the-art facility at that point," Day added.

A south central Kentucky high school in the heart of a big change.

As students, staff and parents adjust to the temporary schooling, Prinicpal Greg Cecil and Assistant Prinicpal Bo Chenoweth say thank you for everyone's cooperation with the temporary adjustments.

The high school students should be attending the completely new Hart County High School by august of 2018.

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