New Leadership at WKU Police Department

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Western Kentucky University’s Police Department is under new leadership with a new set of goals for the future.

Not only does WKU PD have a new chief, there’s also a new Public Information Officer and a commitment to be a bigger part of the community than ever.

“They love seeing us out and about , they love seeing us not just when something goes wrong, not just when there’s an issue. But when they’re hanging out in the residence hall or DSU student center.”

WKU Police are committed to not only keeping the campus safe but also engaging in community policing.

“What that does is brings police and the WKU community together in order to prevent crimes.”

Chief Mitchell Walker has been on the job for over a month, after serving interimly for the past year.

“There were some things I wanted to see changed so I had to get in position to make the changes.”

Helping Walker make those changes is new Public Information Officer Tim Gray who is making the transition from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

“I think it’s important for us to go out there and lets understand what the community needs, lets understand what they want, what can we do to better serve them.”

Gray says the department is also going to have a bigger presence on social media.

“Social media is how they engage when in down time that is how they connect with the world.”

After all, the police department is an office that never closes. And the officers are excited about having a more visible role than ever.

“In the past we’ve been seen and not heard…

“Everything we’re doing in this department is about being great its about chasing greatness its about being better today than we were yesterday."

WKU PD currently has a staff of 25 people. Three new officers were sworn in recently and will head to the academy in November.

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