New app helps conservatives to find shops and eateries

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(CNN) -- There are websites and apps that help consumers choose restaurants based on a variety of factors, from price to being child friendly.

And now you can add "Trump Friendly" to the list.

The "63 Red Safe" app was launched early March.

The creator says the app is for conservatives looking for safe eateries and other businesses where they won't be harassed for being fans of President Trump.

The app allows users to label restaurants as safe or unsafe based on four factors:

-If they serve guests of all political beliefs
-If they allows customers to carry weapons legally under concealed carry laws.
-If they avoid talking politics in advertising and social media.
-And if they protect customers who are attacked for political reasons.

Trump administration officials and their supporters have been heckled and confronted by critics while dining out since he took office.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee was asked to leave on Virginia restaurant last year.

The Daily Beats reports that eatery, The Red Hen in Lexington is listed as unsafe on the app.