New elementary school coming to Warren County

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A new school is coming to Warren County, destined to teach the A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s.

Warren County Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton says the planning stage for the new elementary school has the district in a state of thrill.

"Any time you can build a new facility, a new elementary school in this case, there always tends to be a certain level of excitement."

The elementary school will provide a warm welcome for students moving in to the Warren County School District due to the increase of students moving in to the school district, according to Rob Clayton.

"We don't get to control the growth that occurs throughout our county, and we are experiencing and anticipating significant growth in our central corridor."

"We feel fairly confident that the addition of a new elementary school next to Moss Middle School will help ease the growth in that area and continue to provide our kids a safe and wonderful opportunity to learn in a new state-of-the-art building," Rob Clayton added.

Although brainstorming for construction and design is in the first stage, collaborators involved with the project already have standards set for the school, according to Warren County Schools Chief Financial Officer, Chris McIntyre.

"It's how you maximize the space to provide safe environment, but yet, opportunities for kids and best use of space while still being at a low energy consumption rating compared to school districts throughout the state."

The new elementary school will be built on the empty land to the left of Henry F. Moss Middle School. Although construction plans to last for several months, Chris McIntyre says the construction shouldn't affect the middle school while in session.

"If we get into bus loops or stuff that would be shared areas, we will structure that while school is not in session."

And the placement couldn't be better for educational opportunity.

"Often times, you have those 6th graders who might have interest in algebra or some advanced classes ...this will give them more readily access to a middle school that might be able to go over and take some classes," Chris McIntyre stated.

Chris McIntyre also mentioned the school plans to be two stories whic will provide enough room for 750 students, and will use geothermal energy.

Construction plans to break ground in April, with July 2018 being the goal for completion.

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