New fire station to bring several benefits to the community

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- More than 200 people may see lower insurance rates, thanks to a new fire station being built.

The Alvaton Volunteer Fire Department is adding a new fire station, which will become station number four for the department.

The facility is in the early stages of construction and is expected to be open and operational by early 2019.

"It'll be a two bay substation. We won't have any kind of office facility or training facility, it'll essentially be a couple bays for a couple trucks," said Alvaton Fire Chief Mason Hamilton.

He said the department's main goal is to better serve the community. With this new station, that means response times should improve, equipment and resources can be further distributed, and homeowners in the area should see insurance benefits.

"The ISO -- the Insurance Services Offices -- they send us a map each year and the ratings are based on residential and commercial structures within five miles of an existing fire station," explained Hamilton.

This new station sits off Cumberland Trace Road, close to where it runs into Cemetery Road.

"I think ultimately those 200 plus residents that are now going to have a fire station within five minutes of their homes, they're going to directly receive a benefit through their insurance ratings, or they should anyway," added Hamilton.

"Once we get it fully in service we're going to contact ISO and request a retest and this fourth station should ultimately also benefit the entire fire district with potentially lowering the ISO score for the entire district in addition to directly benefiting those people that are now within five miles of a station," he said.

Hamilton said the department is taking a firetruck out of reserve and placing it into front-line status, so they won't have to buy a new truck for this facility.

A grand opening is set for sometime between January and March 2019, pending construction. Chief Hamilton said the department is always actively recruiting volunteers, especially now with this new station in the works.

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